10 AWG Silicone Wire
10 AWG Silicone Wire
10 AWG Silicone Wire

10 AWG Silicone Cable / 1 meter (Red+Black)

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Product description
Style:silicone wire 10 gauge
Product: Silicone Wire
Wire Guage: 10AWG
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
Insulator Material: Silicone
Temperature Range:-60°C to 200°C
Nominal Voltage: 600V
Testing Voltage:2000V
Total Length: 2 meter (1m black and 1m red)
Tinned copper inner core, can maintained copper wire for a long time does not oxidize. Silicone outer skin, soft wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, smooth surface.
Scope: Applicable to all kinds of electrical and electronic, industrial electronics, model aircraft, Cars, ship model, batteries, motors and other links insulation.

Package Included:
1m black 10awg silicone wire + 1m red 10awg silicone wire