Become the ManiaX Lipo Battery Wholesaler& Dealer

Role of wholesaler/dealer

The wholesaler/dealer will typically purchase goods from the manufacturer like us directly. Meanwhile, the wholesaler/dealer gets large discounts for buying large quantities of goods. The wholesaler/dealer is rarely involved in the actual manufacture of a product, focusing instead on distribution and retail.

Why choose Lipo battery as your wholesale/distribution deals?

With the rapid development of the RC market, now no matter what type of RC models, there are a large number of players around the world, especially FPV, by using the camera and the goggles. Pilots can see the scenery of the flying place in the first person view and enjoy the fun of flying during drones flight. So more and more people are starting to build their own FPV device. As a FPV power, LiPo battery is the first choice for FPV due to its high performance and high energy polymerization can meet all drones power demands.

Why choose ManiaX?

ManiaX is a professional battery brand which mainly focusing on manufacturing, R&D, production and sales of high-rate & high reliable quality lipo batteries.

With strict QC Teams, we provide top best quality RC batteries which are widely used for RC helis/airplanes/Drones/Cars/Boats/guns...etc. other RC devices.  ManiaX lipo batteries have been greatly recognized by hobbyists after being used since the past decade years all over the world.

Become a wholesaler/dealer of ManiaX

You can contact us via email at: info@maniax-power.com with your company profile directly. (your country,the number/type of battery you want to inquiry), we will contact you ASAP.

Thanks for your great support!