Balance Battery Charging Board
Balance Battery Charging Board

ManiaX JST-XH/XT60 plug Parallel Balance Battery Charging Board

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Balanced output line using 20AWG multi-strand silicone wire.
High-quality AMASS output plug, Thicker PCB copper, can pass 30A of charge current safely.
Parallel charging board For lipo balance charger,Such as Imax B6 B8 B6AC,UNA6,and other balance chargers
Cell: 2S-6S
Voltage: 0-22.2VDC
Max current: 30A
Connector Type : Deans/T Connector
Product size: 14.2x6.6x1.8cm (5.6x2.6x0.7 inch)
1 *charged plate
1 * Balanced cable
1 * Manual

Be sure to charge only batteries of the same voltage and cell count at the same time (2S with 2S, 3S with 3S, etc.). Connecting batteries of different cell counts to the Paraboard at the same time will result in immediate damage to your batteries and the Paraboard and may result in fire. Charging batteries of different capacities together (for example, one 11.1V 2200mAh battery and one 11.1V 5000mAh battery) is ok, but the voltage of all batteries must be the same.